Theresa May exit: South Tyneside political figures react to 'Trexit'

South Tyneside's political leaders have been giving their reaction to Theresa May's resignation.

By Kevin Clark
Friday, 24 May, 2019, 12:41
Theresa May announces her departure

Here's what political figures in the borough have said:

Emma Lewell-Buck

South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck:

"Theresa May promised so much when she first stood on the steps of number 10, but far from tackling the burning injustices ravaging our country she set them on fire and continued with the brutal and uncompromising austerity measures of her predecessor," she said.

"The Conservatives are in Government. Their MPs will determine who our next PM is. This is very likely to be a character with scant regard for communities like ours in Shields.

"Politics as we know it is failing, unable to rise above the deep divisions in our country. I am fearful that until we can find consensus in implementing the outcome of the Referendum, extremists will continue to capitalise and gain ground in our currently fragile democracy."

Jack White

Jack White, chair of South Tyneside Conservatives:

“I think it was a hard decision for her to make but the right one. After the local elections, it shows how much Brexit has shaped the agenda.

"Around thirteen-hundred hard working Conservative councillors paid the price for Brexit, but I think she tried her best to negotiate a deal.

"We need fresh leadership to break the deadlock, but we shouldn’t forget Theresa May’s legacy.

Ajay Jagota

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"Over nine years, youth unemployment has halved, employment is at its highest level since 1975, the deficit is down, and there’s been £20 billion for the NHS.

"I’m not too sure who will become party leader, a lot of names have been mentioned, including Rory Stewart, Amber Rudd and Sajid Khan.

"On Brexit, I personally believe we need a deal, but I don’t think a second referendum is an option."

Ajay Jagota, former chair of the defunct South Shields Conservative Association and Brexit Party MEP candidate:

"History will not look kindly on her, I think she made some terrible decisions. I think she has been one of the worst Prime Ministers of our time.

"A lot of us will look at the last three years and ask how much further forward we are than when Theresa May became Prime Minister, and I would suggest we are no further forward.

"I think it’s important to stress that she has been threatened with calls to resign over a period of a couple of years.

"I always thought that she was the wrong Prime Minister, she got there by default. If she had had to campaign, she would have been found wanting. She should never have been elected as party leader.”

"After the snap 2017 general election, I don’t understand to this day why the party didn’t make a move on her then.

"It’s important to recognise the path she set out on around Brexit, it was all of her own making, she set course in the wrong direction. If she was a company CEO, she’d have been long gone.

"She set red lines and then tried to ride two horses but fell off them both. It was not her failure to deliver Brexit, but her failure to understand what Brexit was for the country.

"I think if the Tories were predicted to finish third in the European elections instead of fourth or fifth, she’d have dug her heels in."