Long overdue or a waste of money? Gazette readers react to 20mph plans for South Shields streets

Motorists and pedestrians alike have been reacting to plans which would see new speed restrictions introduced in more than a dozen streets in South Shields.

Wednesday, 21st August 2019, 11:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st August 2019, 3:11 pm
Areas of Market Place, South Shields, could be subject to 20mph zones.

The proposals, from South Tyneside Council, form part of the town’s £100million 365 regeneration project and come following the opening of the new South Shields transport interchange on Keppel Street.

Addresses facing the change to 20mph zones are: Albemarle Street, Barrington Street, Burrow Street, Chapter Row, Church Way, Coble Landing, Cornwallis Street, Coronation Street, East Street, Forest Road, Keppel Street, Market Place, Garden Lane and Ferry Street.

Dozens of Gazette readers took to social media to share their views – with many welcoming the slow down.

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Would you like to see more 20mph limits introduced in South Shields?

Here is how you reacted on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Anne Sebastenelli Wade: “Mowbray Road needs speed reduced to 20mph, its like a race track passing my house, some cars must be doing at least 40mph.”

Jackie Ridge: “Who will police these 20 mile per hour roads? They've been put in place in Erskine Road/Westoe Crown area but very few people adhere to the limit. As there's no cameras or police no one takes any notice. A complete waste of taxpayers’ money to put signs up and road markings. Even the speed bumps don't stop speeding!”

Gazette readers have been sharing their views on the introduction of 20mph zones.

Michelle Wall: “Well why not? No need to have 30mph implemented on short streets anyway! I agree to the proposals.”

Mark Flett: “Long overdue.”

Stew Fox: “I live on King George Road and you would think it was a race track.”

Helen Bell: “Good idea, all roads in and around built up areas should be 20mph.”

Chapter Row is among the streets facing new 20mph restrictions.

Jason Hartley: “You’re lucky if you can do 20mph with all the road works and traffic lights in town centre and about 2,000 speed humps.”

Keith Vickers: “All well and good but they will never be policed.”

Linda Wood: “Drivers don’t take notice of them, our street is like a race track even with speed bumps.”

Karen Glockaz McLaughlin: “Waste of time and money. Not really enforceable unless there is a camera or copper there at the time with a speed gun.”