We have been victims of EU

I do despair of people like Arthur Oxley (June 11).

They appear oblivious to the EU directives which directly or indirectly, led to the decimation of our fishing, steel, shipbuilding and mining industries.

Other EU countries circumnavigated the rules and continue to do so, while Britain has steadfastly adhered to these very same rules, the one thing Thatcher was certainly guilty of.

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What puzzles me, is the fact we’ve had a trading deficit with the EU every year since we joined in 1973, any business would have gone bankrupt years ago if they’d conducted their affairs in the same way.

Add to that the fact that we also pay billions for the privilege of belonging to this corrupt organisation you wonder why anyone in their right mind actually believes it makes economic sense to be part of the EU?

One final point, when did we give Parliament the authority to make us citizens of a foreign power?

Answer: Never.

M Brown