We have gained little

It is fundamentally obvious, that David Cameron has stupendously failed in his half-baked idea, to gain any concessions of any significance from the European Union.

He endeavoured to get a prevention of child benefits being awarded to Europeans working in this country, being sent back to their countries, but only got a small concession.

He achieved some other rather small gains but too little was asked for, and less rewarded. They knew he was behind a stay in Europe,before the discussions started, so needed to give him little to appease.

He didn’t address our sovereignty and how we are governed by an army of unelected judges in Strasbourg rather than the laws set in this country.

He did virtually nothing about mass immigration and our need to control our own borders.

The need to implement the “British Bill of Rights” in place of the misused “Human Rights” was never debated.

Finally, the meagre concessions he supposedly gained, can be altered by the EU after a referendum, as it would require a treaty change to validate them – and this will never happen.

In the words of Michael Gove, a good friend of Mr Cameron and a staunch Tory: “The EU is built to keep power with elites, rather than the people, and laws which govern citizens in this country are decided by politicians, from other nations we never elected, and cannot throw out.”

This referendum is our last chance to decide who we are to be ruled by.

Jack Wiffin