How hot will South Tyneside get? Hour-by-hour forecast as heatwave continues and temperatures soar across the country

South Tyneside is set for more high temperatures today as the heatwave continues across the country, but just how hot will it get?

The Met Office summary for the North East says: “Dry with widespread sunshine into the afternoon as any early cloud melts away. Becoming very hot as temperatures rise quickly into the day, with only a light breeze for most.”

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The heatwave is set to peak on Tuesday, July 19, as temperatures in South Tyneside hit 31°C.

Enjoying the heatwave in South Shields on Monday, July 18th

The heatwave has caused disruption across the country, with travel, work places and schools all being effected by the intense heat.

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To combat the heat, the Met Office advice staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol, staying indoors or in the shade, stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, if possible, applying sunscreen regularly and Wearing hats and light, loose cotton clothes

In South Tyneside on Tuesday, temperatures will be in and around the high 20’s throughout most of the day and staying warm in the evening with lows of 25°C.

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Here is an hour by hour forecast of temperatures in South Tyneside on Tuesday, July 19.

10am: Sunny 23°C

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11am: Sunny 27°C

12pm: Sunny 29°C

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1pm: Sunny 31°C

2pm: Sunny 31°C

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3pm: Sunny 31°C

4pm: Sunny 30°C

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5pm: Sunny 30°C

6pm: Sunny 29°C

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7pm: Sunny 27°C

8pm: Sunny 26°C

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9pm: Sunny 26°C

10pm: Cloudy 26°C

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11pm Cloudy 25°C