South Tyneside's weather forecast as the borough looks set for a bright and sunny weekend

According to Met Office forecasters, the borough looks set for a weekend of sunny spells and mild temperatures.

As we head into the weekend (Friday, April 22, to Sunday, April 24), forecasters are predicting bright sunny spells for South Tyneside.

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This is what you can expect from the weather in South Tyneside this weekend, according to Met Office forecasters.

This is what you can expect from the weather in South Tyneside this weekend.

Friday, April 22

A sunny start to the day is expected, with bright spells forecast right throughout the morning.

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Some cloudy spells are predicted around lunchtime, however they should clear by mid-afternoon, with more sunny weather forecast.

The weather should stay sunny as we head into the evening, with highs of 11°C.

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Saturday, April 23

Another bright start to the day is anticipated, however we could see some patches of cloud by mid-morning.

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Met Office forecasters are expecting more cloud throughout the early afternoon, however it should clear and more bright spells are forecast towards the evening.

Slightly cooler than Friday, with daily highs of 10°C.

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Sunday, April 24

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It looks like we could experience a bit of a duller day on Sunday, however we could still see some bright sunny spells throughout the morning.

Forecasters are expecting the weather to turn cloudy around lunchtime and looks set to stay the way right throughout the afternoon.

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Despite the cloudy weather, no rain is forecast and we could experience daily highs of 10°C.