Why the Running Man statue has disappeared from South Shields seafront and when it will be back

Residents have been left wondering why a landmark sculpture has gone missing from South Shields seafront.

The famous sculpture of the Running Man, usually located on the Mowbray roundabout near the New Crown pub, at the seafront, has been missing from its spot since last week.

The topiary statue was placed there in celebration of the Great North Run, which has been held in the town for almost four decades.

In 2017, a topiary running dog sculpture was placed next to the man on the roundabout, in honour of the Great North Dog Walk.

Coast Road Running Man has disappeared leaving the Great North Dog Walk dog alone.

The pair have become a well-known sight for visitors and residents heading down to the coast.

One passer by, who noticed the statue was missing on Thursday, November 14 and was concerned about its whereabouts, said: “I was shocked when I drove past and saw he had disappeared on Thursday last week.

“He is an important part of our landscape.”

Council bosses say that the statue has been removed in order to carry out some essential repairs and improvements to the steel frame.


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Running dog joins the running man on Coast Road GNR finish point

He is due to be reinstated in time for Christmas when the statue is usually lit up as part of the town’s festive light display.

However, it is not yet known when the Running Man will be back in his rightful place.

A spokesman for the council said: "The Running Man sculpture is currently being repaired.


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"Barring any unexpected issues, we hope to have the Running Man back in its rightful place by Christmas."

Coast Road Running Man has disappeared leaving the Great North Dog Walk dog alone