Women artists getting set to host new exhibition at South Shields studio

A team of artists have joined forces in a bid to inspire more women and girls to unleash their creative side through art.

Padma Rao, Miki Z, Lyn Killeen and Roohia Syed Ahmed have formed the Creative Women’s Collective.

They will be showcasing their first piece of collaborative working on Thursday - following on from tomorrow’s International Women’s Day events.

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The aim is to make a mark on the cultural scene - where funding is ever decreasing and it has become challenging for artists to create work.

Their work will be on display at Makaan Art Gallery - at 126 Talbot Road, South Shields.

Miki Z said: “At the centre of the experimental collaboration lay the rule that there were no rules. We work with and over each other’s marks, creating a response to what someone else has already left.

“The idea was for elements of each artists’ work to become part of the changing collective.

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“It is about having a visual conversation. This experimental approach is about our response to each other.”

The work displayed in the exhibition was put together over six months with each of the artists devoting what time they could to the project.

Art expert Dr Caroline Mitchell said: “The Creative Women’s Collective is a wonderful model of women working together, exploring, creating and questioning.

“I have followed their work, both individually and collectively, over the past few years and believe that they are one of the most interesting and inspiring art groups to come out of the north-east region.”

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For more information about the exhibition, email [email protected] or call Padma Rao on 07930 175 319.

The project is supported by Sangini - a minority-led women’s charity - Makaan Art Studio and ArtsConnect CiC.