Letter of the week: 'South Tyneside Council should keep its own gardens in order before criticising others'

South Shields Town Hall.
South Shields Town Hall.

I read Councillor Malcolm’s comments on tenants not looking after their gardens in the Gazette.

While I agree with what he said (Gazette, July 16) in some cases, there are also a lot of well maintained properties within the borough.

Council leader Iain Malcolm.

Council leader Iain Malcolm.

Has Councillor Malcolm looked at his own maintenance work on the estates, either done by contractors or council workers?

Although our councillors try to arrange work and maintenance to be done it takes a long time for any workers to turn up. Some of the flower beds, bushes and trees have had little or no maintenance done for the past three years.

All the flower boxes grow are weeds and they are never removed.

I think he should put his own council in order before criticising others.

Mrs P H Blakey,

Biddick Hall.

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