Letter of the week: 'Why can't we train more of our own nurses?'

South Tyneside District Hospital.
South Tyneside District Hospital.

Reading you article “Health Chiefs look to hire Filipino Nurses” at the weekend I could only feel the utmost dismay.

What is the matter with the people who govern us?
Applications to train as nurses by our own young people have since time immemorial exceeded the number of training places available.

Why for pity’s sake can’t we expand training capacity so that our own young people can get a chance of a well paid career with prospects ?

Meanwhile, the wholesale takeover of South Tyneside Hospital by Sunderland Foundation Trust continues apace.

With the honourable exception of John McCabe , most of our local councillors have been notable by their absence at meetings to oppose the plans.

Our two MPs have been no better, the virtue signalling, transparently obvious.

We deserve better.

Henry Pearce.

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