5 secret iPhone hacks to help you get the most out of your mobile

Make the most of your iPhone with these little-known hacks (Photo: Shutterstock)
Make the most of your iPhone with these little-known hacks (Photo: Shutterstock)

Since 2011, £23.1 billion has been spent on iPhones in the UK.

Here are our top five tips to get the most out of your Apple device.

Safer passwords

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    Apple encourages users to secure their iPhones with a six digit passcode - but did you know that you can actually set up a more secure password that uses your full iPhone keyboard?

    This means that you can use numbers, letters and symbols in your password, just like on your computer.

    It's easy to do, too. Just head to Settings > Face ID and Passcode > Change Passcode.

    Browse better

    Did you know there's a quick way to close all of your Safari tabs at once?

    Simply hold a finger on the boxes in the bottom right corner and select 'Close All Tabs'.

    Go hands-free

    What's the point in wearing headphones if you need to take your iPhone out of your pocket to see who is calling?

    Siri can announce who's phoning you if you're wearing your headphones.

    Simply go to Settings > Phone > Announce Calls and then select your preference to use this feature.

    With just a few quick setting changes, your phone can become infinitely more functional (Photo: Shutterstock)

    Find your car

    Admit it, at some point we've all returned to a car park and forgotten where we parked our car.

    Helpfully, you can use your iPhone location services to remind you where your car is.

    If you have Bluetooth installed in your car, go to Settings > Maps > Show Parked Location.

    Charge faster

    iPhones are great - but what's the point if they run out of battery?

    You can actually charge your phone faster with a single button press. Simply turn on 'Flight mode' while your phone is plugged in.