An airline is trialling economy class seats that can be turned into beds - here’s how it works

If you’ve ever been on a flight at night and have tried, but miserably failed, to catch a few hours of sleep while sitting upright in an economy seat, then this airline’s solution may be for you.

Lufthansa is trialling economy class seats which can be turned into beds, allowing passengers to get a comfy night’s sleep.

Economy class seats to turn into beds

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The airline is currently testing the new option, aptly named Sleeper's Row, on their Boeing 747-8 planes between Frankfurt and Sao Paulo.

The current test routes are both night-flights, and trials are set to continue until the middle of December 2020.

If successful, the Sleeper’s Row beds could be rolled out across all of their long-haul flights.

Will passengers have to pay extra?

Passengers will have to pay an extra amount in order to have a whole row of three or four seats when travelling in economy class. Nobody else will be able to sit in these seats.

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The price for Sleeper’s Row is expected to be around €220 (£197.50), which is an additional charge on top of the price of the passenger’s original ticket.

The airline will then provide passengers with “a blanket and a pillow in Business Class quality.”

Passengers who pay for this extra service will also be able to board before the rest of the economy passengers in order for the bed to be set up.

Travellers will have to purchase Sleeper’s Row tickets at the airport, during check-in or at the boarding gate, with the Lufthansa website explaining, “you just contact a member of our ground staff and pay with your credit card.”

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However, it’s worth noting that currently, the number of Sleeper’s Row tickets offered per flight is limited, and the seats are filled depending on how many passengers show interest to the ground staff - which could be the case if the initiative is rolled out.