Eight natural ways to control craving during lockdown

Control tendency to over eat with natural suppresants

As overeating is a danger in these times of COVID-19 lockdown, there are ways to control cravings.

From eating ginger to simply eating slower, eight of the best natural methods to help curb cravings during lockdown have been revealed.

Stop the snacking

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It is particularly important to be aware of snacking in the current climate, as obesity is now thought to be one of the biggest risk factors in developing severe coronavirus symptoms.

The team behind clinically proven weight loss aid Skinny Sprinkles, have researched and revealed natural ways you can resist the urge to snack excessively, and try and keep yourself feeling fuller for longer.

They recommend trying small but effective lifestyle changes, like drinking lots of water, eating more protein, and managing your stress levels.

Several foods and drinks have also been revealed to help to keep any cravings at bay, such as dark chocolate, cayenne pepper and green tea.

Sound advice

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A spokesperson for Skinny Sprinkles said: “Constantly feeling hungry and having to fight urges to snack is a huge obstacle to face when you’re trying to lose weight.

“Most people who are overweight know what is required to lose weight, but, when used to their current habits such as large portions, comfort eating and unhealthy snacks taking those first steps towards healthier habits is difficult.”

Food tips to keep a cap on cravings

1 Eat more protein. Foods rich in protein, like eggs, peanut butter and cottage cheese, can increase your feeling of fullness, which may stop you from snacking in between meals.

Eating protein including eggs helps people to feel fuller for longerEating protein including eggs helps people to feel fuller for longer
Eating protein including eggs helps people to feel fuller for longer

Tackle your thirst

2 Drink plenty of water. Some studies show if you drink two glasses of water before a meal you will eat far less than if you didn’t. So, if you ever feel like you are overeating or snacking excessively, ask yourself when you last had a glass of water. It is important to drink at least the recommended two litres of water per day.

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3 Eat a small amount of dark chocolate. The bitter flavour of dark chocolate is supposed to leave you feeling fuller, as it can slow the rate your stomach empties itself after a meal.

Incorporating ginger into your diet can make you less hungryIncorporating ginger into your diet can make you less hungry
Incorporating ginger into your diet can make you less hungry

4 Incorporate ginger into your diet. Ginger has a wealth of benefits, but it is also believed to be a natural appetite suppressor. Many cultures for centuries have used ginger for its digestive powers. It is supposed to improve your digestion which in effect, makes you less hungry.

Go nuts

5 Get nutty. If you feel like a snack, perhaps eat a handful of almonds. Almonds are full of antioxidants, magnesium and vitamin E, which have been known to increase the feeling of fullness. Other snacks like apples are also a great option, as they are filled with both soluble fibre and protein.

6 Spice up dinnertime. Capsaicin (in hot peppers) and capsiate (in sweet peppers) can help boost your metabolism and the feeling of fullness.

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7 Drink green tea. For centuries, people have been using green tea to suppress their cravings and appetite.

8 Manage your stress. A lot of the time, snacking and binge eating bad foods can be down to your stress levels. Meditate or read a book.