Mrs Hinch fans share simple way to descale a kettle - here’s what it is

Mrs Hinch fans shared advice on how to descale a kettle (Photo: Shutterstock)
Mrs Hinch fans shared advice on how to descale a kettle (Photo: Shutterstock)

Fans of cleaning expert and influencer Mrs Hinch have set up their own social media groups to swap tips and tricks on everything to do with cleaning.

This proved useful for one woman who wanted to know the best way to descale a kettle.

On one social media group, the woman asked: “Please help, I need a natural descaler for my kettle, we live in a hard water area and I am fed up with all the scale and paying out for a new kettle every six months.”

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    Fans of Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, quickly came to the woman’s rescue, offering advice on the best cleaning solution.

    Fellow Mrs Hinch and cleaning fans on the group offered various suggestions, with the most common being using lemon juice or a lemon.

    One user said: “Cut a lemon in half. Put both halves in with a kettle full of water. Boil it with the lemon in and preferably leave overnight. Empty in the morning - perfect every time!”

    Another person agreed, as they offered the same advice of halving a lemon and boiling the kettle with the lemon a few times.

    The same person added: “Have used vinegar, then boil, worked also.”

    Another cleaning fan said: “Lemons. Once I’ve used the juice I chuck the rest in the kettle, boil it a couple of times. Leave it overnight. Make sure you don’t forget to rinse it out in the morning before making a cuppa!”

    “Lemon juice or vinegar overnight, then rinse, job done,” they added.