The three new features expected to be introduced to improve WhatsApp

WhatsApp users may soon find it easier to sort through messages as three new features are expected to be introduced to the app.

For users of WhatsApp business accounts, the Meta-owned platform is anticipated to release some improvements to the app's function.

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WhatsApp Business is used by many firms as a more convenient way of providing customer service, whether that is to request an update on a delivery or to ask a question.

As companies receive many messages from customers, it's understandable that extra support is required to sort through them all.

The messaging platform has already made it easier to find specific media within chats, enabling people to sort between links, media and documents.

What is the new feature?

Users of WhatsApp Business users will be soon able to sort chats out between contacts, non-contacts and unread messages.

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According to WABetaInfo, who revealed the feature, they said: "WhatsApp is to planning to release it on WhatsApp Messenger since they are more useful on WhatsApp business".

But by making the app easier to navigate for businesses, it will hopefully help with customer service.

The new features have appeared on WhatsApp Business beta, the app's tester version but they are expected to feature on both iOS and Android at some point soon.

Features for WhatsApp Messenger users

Apparently, a redesign of the app on the iPhone is underway for users of WhatsApp.

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WABetaInfo reported that the redesign will "make the chats list very clean".

"In particular, they are planning to remove the row where you can open your broadcast lists and create new groups."

The firm is also reportedly developing a better way to see when people are talking about you too.

The tech giant, Meta, is working on a better way to let users know when they have been mentioned in chats they're in.

The change will provide a clearer indication of when users have been mentioned or replied to, by notifying you with the profile photo of the person who has used your name or replied to you.