This is when the polls open in each state for the US election 2020

Four more years of Donald Trump, or a new era under Democrat candidate Joe Biden? Today millions of Americans will answer the question of the country’s next president after months of furious campaigning.

Mr Biden edges current incumbent Trump in the polls, with a CNN poll of polls putting his lead at 10 points.

Supporters of Trump will be quick to point at Mr Trump hatching a poll-defying victory in 2016, seeing off bitter rival Hillary Clinton.

Some 90 million Americans have already voted, with those keen to avoid crowds on voting day taking advantage of early voting.

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    Another 60 million are forecast to head to the polls on election day itself.

    When do polls open in the US election?

    Voters in parts of Vermont will be the first to vote at 5am local time (10am GMT)

    Maine, Connecticut and New Jersey will join proceedings an hour later.

    Alaska citizens will be the last to begin voting, starting at 4pm UK time.

    When do polls close in the US election?

    Georgia, Indiana (eastern counties), Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia will all be the first to close at 6pm local time (11pm GMT).

    Polls in the west coast states of California, Oregon and Washington will not close until 4am GMT. Hawaii polls will shut an hour later, with Alaskans casting the final votes before local polls shut at 5am GMT.

    Poll times by state (local times)

    Ballotpedia compiled the following opening and closing times of polls by state:

    Alabama: 7am-7pm

    Alaska: 7am-7pm

    Arizona: 6am-7pm

    Arkansas: 7.30am-7.30pm

    California: 7am-8pm

    Colorado: 7am-7pm

    Connecticut: 6am-8pm

    DC: 7am-8pm

    Delaware: 7am-8pm

    Florida: 7am-7pm

    Georgia: 7am-7pm

    Hawaii: 7am-7pm

    Idaho: 7am-7pm

    Illinois: 6am-7pm

    Indiana: 6am-6pm

    Iowa: 7am-9pm

    Kansas: 7am-7pm

    Kentucky: 6am-6pm

    Louisiana: 6am-8pm

    Maine: 6am-8pm

    Maryland: 7am-8pm

    Massachusetts: 7am-8pm

    Michigan: 7am-8pm

    Minnesota: 7am-8pm

    Mississippi: 7am-7pm

    Missouri: 6am-7pm

    Montana: 7am-8pm

    Nebraska: : 7am MT, 8AM CT-7PM MT, 8pm CT

    Nevada: : 7am-7pm

    New Hampshire: Varies by the municipality

    New Jersey: 6am-8pm

    New Mexico: 7am-7pm

    New York: 6am-9pm

    North Carolina: 6.30am-7.30pm

    North Dakota: 7am-9pm

    Ohio: 6.30am-7.30pm

    Oklahoma: 7am-7pm

    Oregon: All mail

    Pennslyvania: 7am-8pm

    Rhode Island: 7am-8pm

    South Carolina: 7am-7pm

    South Dakota: 7am-7pm

    Tennessee: Poll openings vary by jurisdiction, close at 7pm CT, 8pm ET

    Texas: 7am-7pm

    Utah: 7am-8pm

    Vermont: Poll openings vary by municipality, close at 7pm

    Virginia: 6am-7pm

    Washington: All mail

    West Virginia: 6.30am-7.30pm

    Wisconsin: 7am-8pm

    Wyoming: 7am-7pm

    When will we have a winner?

    It is not clear when the winner of the 2020 contest will be known.

    In 2016 Donald Trump was announced as the projected winner at about 7.30am GMT the morning after the election when he clinched the 10 electoral college votes of Wisconsin.

    The first results were known just after midnight (GMT). The results in the key swing states of Ohio and Florida, were known just prior to 4am