Your guide to busting the home workout jargon

Locked-down households that are maintaining their fitness regime from home have been told how to recognise their HIIT exercises from their AMRAP’s in a new home workout jargon buster.

Experts from clinically-proven herbal weight-loss aid Zotrim have created a list of some common exercise phrases and exactly what they entail.

A Zotrim spokesman said: “As more people are continuing to work-out from home it can be a difficult time to try and navigate some of the different phrases if you have no clue.

“Understanding what the phrases and words mean, and what the exercises entail, makes it easier to become more engaged with the health and fitness community.

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    “There are many groups on social media where help and support is offered, and it can feel a lot more accessible once you understand certain phrases and sayings.”

    This is Zotrim’s workout jargon buster:

    1 AMRAP

    As many reps as possible. As you watch the PT online, or make your own workout, you will be given a specific time and exercise.


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    The aim is to do as many reps of the exercise as possible, in the timeframe you’re given.

    This is a great way to track progression.

    Keep track of the amount of reps you do over time and see the number increase as you become fitter.

    2 HIIT


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    This is a type of exercise called high intensity interval training.

    These types of workouts encourage you to work extremely hard for a short period of time.

    You will work hard on a certain exercise for a short period of time, then have a rest period until the next exercise begins.

    3 Tabata


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    Tabata is a type of HIIT.

    Each exercise lasts for only four minutes, making it seem manageable, but you need to push hard.

    The structure is 20 seconds of exercise, ten seconds of rest, repeated for eight rounds.

    Tabata is very structured and, as with anything, can be adapted with different exercises used to target different muscle groups.


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    4 LBT

    These workouts specifically focus on legs, bums and tums.

    Exercises will look at toning thighs, bums and stomachs and can help with both weight loss and improve fitness levels.


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    Targeting these three specific areas means that LBT tends to be more popular with women.

    5 Circuit training

    These are popular classes in gyms, but there’s no reason they can’t be completed at home.

    Circuits entail a round of exercises normally between five and 10, sometimes done in different areas of a room or ‘stations’.


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    It can mix both weight and cardio training and can target several different muscle groups at once.

    6 Sets

    There are several different types of sets which can be incorporated into exercise regimes.

    A superset is a series of three or four exercises with no rest in between each exercise.


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    Drop sets are usually completed at the end of a workout as a burnout move.

    Often completed with weights, start with a higher weight and drop the weight until you have completed the exercise.

    Like supersets there is no rest between each exercise or weight.