Jetro Willems identifies Newcastle United’s best system

Jetro Willems says he still “believes” in Steve Bruce’s Newcastle United side.
Jetro Willems.Jetro Willems.
Jetro Willems.

The club is 17th in the Premier League with five points from six games.

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"I still believe in this team – despite everything, we had some great chances,” said Willems, signed on loan from Eintracht Frankfurt.

Bruce made several a number of tactical changes during the game, and also sent on Andy Carroll for his second United debut.

“Andy Carroll’s a good player with a lot of experience, and he’ll make a difference,” said Willems, who was pushed into midfield. “You could see that when he came on. I still think our best system for us is three at the back. In the second half, we could have done much better, and we could have won it in the end.”

Newcastle spent most of the first half on the back foot.

"Brighton play a very different system, and, as you could see, it was difficult for us,” said Willems. “I'm glad we changed it. We were much better in the second half. I had to move to midfield, and I felt it worked better then.

"We managed to switch it straight away, there was no confusion. Brighton had the courage to play like that, but we lost the ball far too quickly. That was our problem, not the way we passed it.”