Eddie Howe reveals Newcastle United plan to attract 'world-class' players

Eddie Howe says it’s essential that Newcastle United update their training ground – so the club can attract “world-class” players.

A number of internal changes have already been made by Howe ahead of a proposed summer rebuild. In the future, the club, which was taken over late last year, still hopes to build an all-new facility, most likely on a new site.

"It’s hugely important for us,” said United’s head coach. “I think you’re day-to-day environment is important now we’re trying to attract world-class players to the club, and, in doing so, you need to give them an environment which matches their status.

"I think the grass and the playing facilities are excellent here, but the building itself definitely needs updating.

"Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly, and we can make those adjustments during the summer with a longer-term plan of moving training ground. However long that takes, I don’t know. Certainly, ambitious plans, but it’s what the club needs to sustain where the club wants to go in the future.”

Asked what input he had had into the plans, Howe added: “Yeah, we've had an input. we’ve looked at the plans, and made tweaks and changes based on what we see and want always with the players’ benefit in mind.

"You want to create an environment that flows right, that’s conducive to interaction between themselves and staff. So I’m really excited by what the building will eventually look like.

Newcastle United head coach Eddie Howe.

"Timespans and how quickly we can get it done – that’s always a challenge.”