‘Relentless’ - How Sky and Match of the Day pundits have reacted to Newcastle United’s start to the season

Newcastle United’s fantastic start to the season has made headlines across the country.

Here, we take a look at how pundits have reacted to Newcastle United’s start to the Premier League season:

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Jamie Carragher on Eddie Howe

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe following the Premier League match with Chelsea. Jamie Carragher has praised Howe's job at the club as 'absolutely fantastic' (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

Following Newcastle’s impressive win away at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Magpies were centre of attention on Monday Night Football. Former Liverpool defender Carragher used the time to praise the work done by Howe.

Carragher said: "The first thing I want to say is when I look at the Premier League, I look at that Newcastle team and I'm not trying to knock the players, but they're good Premier League players. It almost feels like the collective is better than the individuals.

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"I think Eddie Howe, maybe alongside Marco Silva, is getting as much from his team as any other manager in the Premier League. I really do believe that - I think it's a fantastic coaching job that he's done.

"When I actually look at the players on the pitch, yes they spent a lot of money in January and the summer, but there are still players I wouldn't class as superstars who would naturally go into other teams. So I think the coaching job Eddie Howe has done has been absolutely fantastic.”

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Alan Shearer has described Newcastle United's start to the season as 'relentless' (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

Alan Shearer on Newcastle United’s relentlessness

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Shearer has routinely selected Newcastle players in his Team of the Week - such has been their impressive start to the season. One of the biggest reasons for their form this campaign has been their togetherness and workrate, something Shearer has been keen to praise on Match of the Day.

Shearer said: “They’re relentless in their pressing, workrate, togetherness. They have a tremendous team spirit, and they’re all on the same page. They all know what they’re doing. Every single one of them knows their job.”

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Ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has praised Newcastle United's start to the season (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

Gary Neville on Newcastle United’s owners

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Neville revealed on the Overlap Fan Debate he believes it has been a ‘faultless’ start to the season for the Magpies, both on and off the pitch.

Neville said: “I didn’t think the ownership at Newcastle would be as wise, mature and patient as they have been in the first year – looking at other ownership groups that have come to the Premier League, like Abu Dhabi at Manchester City, they come in and want a star signing and a star, fashionable manager.

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“Newcastle’s owners have done the opposite. At this moment in time, it’s been a faultless performance on and off the pitch from Newcastle.”

Simon Jordan on exceeding expectations

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At the beginning of the season Jordan bet fellow TalkSport pundit Jim White that the Magpies would not finish in the top-six of the Premier League this season. However, by November, Newcastle’s good start to the season meant Jordan admitted his bet was on ‘shaky grounds’.

“I do think that my bet is on shaky grounds because I didn’t legislate Liverpool to be as poor as they are.” Jordan said. “But right now, Newcastle have got more right than they’ve got wrong.

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“They’ve got everything going in the right direction, they’ve got huge momentum and they’re combining an irresistible force, it’ll be interesting to see what the immovable object is, whether that is Manchester City or the top four being difficult to break into but right now, everything is in the right direction.”