Revealed: The stunning banner unveiled by Newcastle United fans against Liverpool

Newcastle United fans have unveiled a stunning banner - which has filled the entire of the Gallowgate End of St James's Park.
The stunning Newcastle United banner (Picture: Martin Swinney)The stunning Newcastle United banner (Picture: Martin Swinney)
The stunning Newcastle United banner (Picture: Martin Swinney)

The banner, unveiled at the Premier League game against Liverpool, was part-funded by supporters.

Organised by supporters group 'Wor Flags', who have created similar displays throughout the season, Newcastle fans were offered the chance to see their name appear on the flag in return for a donation.

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Donations totalled over £15,000 after over 2,000 fans pledged their support to the project.

And after that huge demand, fans were able to purchase a stunning banner - which has covered the entire Gallowgate End.

Plans initially stated that the banner would be ready for the first game of the 2019/20 Premier League season but, given the level of support, the production was fast-tracked in time for the visit of Jurgen Klopp's title-chasing side.

The banner displays the name of every supporter who donated, along with the slogan 'We Are The Mags' proudly displayed in the centre.

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The new flag is set to be used ahead of important games at St James's Park, with a smaller surfer flag sent away for repair ahead of next season.