Steve Bruce fears transfer budget cut at Newcastle United as plans put 'on hold'

Steve Bruce says Newcastle United’s summer plans have been put “on hold”.

The club will restart its Premier League campaign tomorrow with a behind-closed-doors home game against Sheffield United.

Football was suspended for three months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and clubs are having to reexamine their budgets and assess the financial implications of the deadly outbreak.

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However, Newcastle’s case is unique given that the Premier League is considering a proposed £300million takeover.

“I was listening to Mikel Arteta the other day, and that’s for a club like Arsenal,” said head coach Steve Bruce. “I think with all of us, the plans have changed. The financial impact of what’s just happened (is massive).

“I have to say, I’ve not had that conversation just yet, but all the plans that we’ve had in place have been put on hold because we’re in unprecedented times.

“The one thing you always want as a football club is to have a structure in place for planning the way forward.

“This has certainly put a dent in everything. It’s going to be difficult times ahead for a lot of the Premier League clubs because of what’s just happened. We have to accept that.

Steve Bruce.

“We have to accept our budgets are not going to be as big as we would like as managers. But let’s have that conversation now when we get up and running and finished. Let’s see where that takes us.”