Who is Alejandro Irarragorri? The multi-millionaire eyeing a stunning Newcastle United takoever

Mexican businessman Alejandro Irarragorri has been linked with a takeover of Newcastle United - but what do we know about him?
Alejandro IrarragorriAlejandro Irarragorri
Alejandro Irarragorri

Irarragorri and his Orlegi Sports group are reportedly ‘confident’ of sealing a deal for the club having held talks with Mike Ashley in October.

But what do we know about the businessman?

Here’s a look at the man bidding to buy Newcastle United:

Key details:

Age: 48

Nationality: Mexican

Key business interests: Fertilizers, metals, sports

Where has he made his money?

Irarragorri has varied business interests, having built-up a substantial portfolio in South America.

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The Mexico City native became a founding partner and director of ‘LAMAGER, SA De CV’ - a company specialising in the distribution and marketing of metals and fertilizers.

It was here that Irarragorri continued to build his fortune, before venturing into the sporting world later in his career.

His company, Orelgi Sports, was founded in 2013 and has since gone on to mount a number of successful takeovers of sporting clubs.

How much is he worth?

Irarragorri is believed to be worth around $450million, according to reports in 2018.

Has he invested in sporting clubs before?

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Irarragorri is an avid sports fan - a quick glimpse at his Instagram account shows photos at Celtic Park and several major golfing events.

It’s perhaps no surprise, therefore, that he has invested heavily in the sporting world - beginning with a takeover of Mexican giants Club Santos Laguna.

The side have gone on to enjoy success in their equivalent of the Champions League since Irarragorri and Orlegi Sports’ takeover.

Irarragorri has since gone on to purchase majority stakes in Estadio Corona and Territorio Santos Modelo - and now has his sights set on the Premier League.

Where is his takeover of Newcastle United at?

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According to reports in the Athletic, Irarragorri met with Mike Ashley last month to discuss a potential deal - with the Mexican party now ‘confident’ of securing a deal for the club.

They have also been linked with a bid for Crystal Palace, but are believed to be ‘fine-tuning’ a proposal for the Magpies in the short-term.