Peter Beardsley speaks at first public appearance since FA racist language suspension

Peter Beardsley has broken cover for the first time since the Football Association found him to have used racist language towards Under-23 players at Newcastle United.

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 10:16 pm
Peter Beardsley.

Beardsley – who has been suspended from “all football and football-related activity” for 32 weeks – was at the the Dunston’s Lancastrian Suite tonight with Kevin Keegan, Chris Waddle and Terry McDermontt for “The Fantastic 4” dinner.

Questions on recent events were off limits, but the former United striker did speak to the Gazette about the event.

Beardsley – who had been Newcastle’s Under-23 coach – spoke about his experiences under Arthur Cox when he was a United player.

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"He was amazing – we all still speak to him," he said.

"He was different, but brilliant. Kevin and Terry knew him better than me. We had to listen rather than talk back. The football was ahead of its time. We were only interested in going forwards, not backwards. The Man Citys and Liverpools – we played like that. Arthur was ahead of his time."

Reflecting back on the 1980s at Newcastle, Beardsley said: "This was a very special time for me. I got an invite from Arthur Cox to play with Kevin Keegan, Chris Waddle and Terry McDermott. It was a no-brainer for me.

"They are three of the best I played with. It is not a nostalgic night in many ways, but I do not think I ever played in a better four in my career. They’re three special people, too."

Beardsley – who strenuously denied allegations of using racist language – left United in March.