‘Disgusting!’: Sunderland fans had this to say to ex-Newcastle United striker

Former Newcastle United striker Ivan Toney will not be handed a ban after allegations of simulation against Sunderland - and fans of the Black Cats have been quick to react.

Sunderland fans had this to say
Sunderland fans had this to say

Toney, now of Peterborough, was involved in an incident with Sunderland’s Luke O’Nien which saw the full-back dismissed.

But with O’Nien’s red card rescinded, some fans felt Toney may have been charged with ‘successful deception of a match official’.

The FA have now confirmed, though, that the striker will not face any charges - and Sunderland fans had plenty to say:

@son_wear tweeted: “Holding your face & throwing yourself to the floor when you haven’t been touched?? And that cannot be proved ??? Wow ...take a bow FA...complete joke of an organisation”

@safcking added: “Disgusting! So holding his face isn’t simulation???”

@nigeynugs said: “He goes to ground clutching his face when clearly not touched anywhere near his face. No blood, no bruises, got up and played on fine. Did the FA bother watching the footage? It’s impossible not to conclude it was simulation (a cheating dive). FA has no credibility.”

On Facebook, Chris Hugall said: “Awful decision. Not quite sure what video they are watching, but it’s a blatant dive.”

Brian Bateman posted: “Let’s be honest, did anyone honestly think he would be banned? It’s against Sunderland what do you expect, even though all the evidence and experts in the game agree its was diving.”Steve Childs joked: “Look folks don't stress over it, just look forward to giving Toney a nice warm mackem reception when he comes up here “