South Tyneside Quiz of the Year 2021: How much attention were you paying to events in 2021?

Here’s a quiz to test how much you can remember about 2021. Questions 1-10 are on South Tyneside; 11-30 are national and international events. It’s just a bit of fun. No cheating mind.

Friday, 24th December 2021, 10:40 am

South Tyneside

1. Who insisted that his bizarre speech in South Shields in November “went over well”?

2. What is the name of the new bar and bistro which opened in Westoe?

Images of 2021 clockwise from top left: King Street was empty for a specific reason this day, a triumphant Emma Raducanu (Getty Images), equally triumphant Hebburn Town fans and the Prime Minister's ill-fated speech in South Shields.

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    3. What did NOT take place in South Tyneside on September 12?

    4. Who, or what is still holding up the demolition of the former Perth Green House in Jarrow?

    5. What reappeared at the A19 in October in Jarrow after a short absence?

    6. Which pantomime is running at the Customs House until January 8?

    Nina Harkness and daughters Lily, 13 and Evie, nine celebrating Hebburn's FA Vase victory. See question 8.

    7. Which Jarrow rock musician, best known for his ballad Music, passed away in December aged 72?

    8. Who did Hebburn Town beat in the FA Vase final in May?

    9. May 21, 2021 was the 100th anniversary of an IRA attack on which South Tyneside landmark?

    10. Which South Tyneside business institution celebrated 100 years of “waxing” in 2021?

    The Prime Minister certainly made an impression in South Shields. See questions 1 and 30.

    Answers 1-10

    1. Boris Johnson 2. Wyvestow’s 3. The Great North Run 4. Bats 5. The Banana Bridge 6. Rapunzel7. John Miles 8. Consett 9. Jarrow Bridge 10. Barbour (founded 1894, but only started the waxing process in 1921)

    National and international

    11. Which record producer and convicted murderer died in January?

    September 12. What's happening, or rather not happening here? See question 3.

    12. Why was a container ship called Ever Given in the news in March?

    13. Who resigned as Downing Street press secretary in December after footage emerged of her laughing about a Christmas party there?

    14. Why was Leylah Fernandez in the news on September 11?

    15. Which North East constituency elected a Conservative MP after being Labour since 1964?

    16. Which scientist’s face was put on the back of £50 notes?

    17. In which city was the Eurovision Song Contest held with the UK finishing last (again)?

    This picture is connected to one of our questions, but we're bot saying which one. Getty Images.

    18. In April 39 former employees of which organisation had their names cleared after one of the UK's most widespread miscarriages of justice?

    19. Which 83 year-old won the Best Actor Oscar?

    20. Who became Foreign Secretary in September?

    21. What was won by Liam Reardon and Millie Court?

    22. Who won cricket’s County Championship?

    23. What is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet?

    24. What is the name of Adele’s much-hyped fourth album, released in November?

    25. Which retail chain closed the last of its UK stores after 243 years of trading?

    26. In which English county was the G7 summit held in June?

    27. Which British singer passed away in September aged just 39?

    28. Who presented his first edition of Mastermind in August?

    29. Who did England beat in the Euro 2020 semi-finals?

    30. Which theme park did Boris Johnson become excited by during that infamous speech in South Shields?

    Answers 11-30

    11. Phil Spector 12. It blocked the Suez Canal for six days 13. Allegra Stratton 14. She lost to Emma Raducanu in the final of the tennis US Open 15. Hartlepool 16. Alan Turing 17. Rotterdam 18. The Post Office 19. Anthony Hopkins 20. Liz Truss 21. Love Island 22. Warwickshire 23. Omicron 24. 30 25. Debenham’s 26. Cornwall 27. Sarah Harding 28. Clive Myrie 29. Denmark 30. Peppa Pig World

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    Party central. See question 13.