Nine cheap Easter break activities for family fun

Parents looking to keep their families entertained for less over the Easter holidays have been offered nine ideas for wallet-friendly fun.

Peasholm Park in Scarborough is free to enter
Peasholm Park in Scarborough is free to enter

Entertainment experts from have revealed nine ways kids, mums and dads can enjoy themselves during time off school without breaking the bank.

From traditional Easter activities to a family spring-clean-a-thon, seasonal fun doesn’t have to be as expensive as some parents might think.

A spokesperson for said: “With the sun coming out and families set to spend lots of time together at home over the Easter bank holiday weekend, some parents might be starting to tear their hair out trying to keep their children entertained on a budget.

“Rather than spending lots of money on expensive days out like the cinema or theme parks, kids can keep occupied, stay active and get some fresh air all at the same time if families take inspiration from some of our affordable ideas.”

Here are the ideas for cheap Easter family fun:

1. Drive to the beach

Pack a picnic with flasks of tea and hot chocolate and head for the nearest beach. It may seem a bit early in the year to go, but if the weather’s nice a beach is a free change of scenery.

As well as great views, it’s a great place for kids to play. Families could also plan a walk along the coast to breathe in the sea air and grab an ice cream to enjoy.

If the beach has a pier nearby check out what it’s got to offer – usually there will be arcades nearby which can be a lot of fun, and possibly even a fair.

2. Have a family clean-a-thon

Everyone in the household is responsible for their mess, so make cleaning a fun challenge for everyone to get on board with.

Assign a room to each family member and whoever finishes first (remind them that shoving everything in a cupboard doesn’t count) wins a prize. It’s a great way of cleaning the house in no time at all.

3. Go for a walk

If the sun’s out and everyone’s sat at home, what better time to go and explore the great British countryside.

Getting family and friends together and going for a walk is a great way to spend time together and get some fresh air and exercise.

There are plenty of pretty spots with great views that you don’t have to pay for – just do some research online before heading out.

Watching the sunset or finding a body of water to skim stones are great options, but even a walk around the local town or high street can keep everyone entertained this Easter.

4. Easter egg hunt

Grab a pack of foil wrapped mini chocolate eggs from a supermarket and hide them in the garden. Kids will love hunting for them and being in the outdoors.

If you want to make the difficulty level harder – make the hiding places less obvious. Write clues on post it notes and stick them in various places for the kids to follow.

5. Make Easter nests

Chocolate Easter nests are so easy to make and they taste delicious. Grab a few bars of chocolate, cereals such as shredded wheat, cornflakes or coco pops and get melting and mixing. Finish the cakes with mini eggs for yummy seasonal treats.

6. Egg decorating

Get creative juices flowing – hard boil some eggs and let them cool in ice cold water for around an hour.

Once cold start decorating with pencils, paint, felt pens and any arty material you have lying around the house. Be inventive with household items such as tape and rubber bands to maximise designs.

7. Play on the park

Back in the good old days, kids used to play on the park when they weren’t at school, rather than spending the whole weekend glued to screens.

Take advantage of the nice weather to get everyone out of the house and down to the local park to play – consider taking a bat and ball or other equipment too and perhaps invite your children’s friends’ families too.

8. Get gardening

It’s now that time of year to start working on backyard vegetable patches, so why not get the kids involved and helping out too – it could be a valuable opportunity to teach them about healthy eating.

If your family really want to roll their sleeves up, pick some new plants to prepare now that could be blooming by summer or put together some new hanging baskets.

9. Board games

A little bit of healthy competition is great between family members and traditional board games are a great way to get children off Fortnite and bond.

Dig out an old Monopoly, Scattergories, Pictionary, UNO or any family favourites. Alternatively, simply use a deck of cards to play a multitude of games such as Crazy Eights, Go Fish and Rummy.