South Shields fitness guru Luke Harrison publishes new book to help people turn their lives around

A gym owner who turned his back on a life of drink and drugs has penned his second book to help inspire others to improve their lives.

Luke Harrison is the first to admit his life was at an all-time low when he looks back to where he was, compared to where he is now.

Today, he is a successful gym owner and inspirational speaker – as well as a two-time author after his second book 'Supercharged' was published.

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His first book, penned five years ago, was entitled 'How to Stop Overthinking.'

Luke Harrison with his new book.

In it, he has penned the lessons he has learned over the past 10 years as he built up his business empire and kicked his drink and drug habit.

The 36-year-old started writing his book during lockdown 2020 completing it within eight-weeks.

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Luke, who runs Total Supercharged Tribe – a gym based just off Commercial Road in South Shields – said: “I wrote my first book five-years ago and a lot of things have changed since then for me both personally and professionally.

“There are a lot of case studies within the book based on client's experiences, it's about getting people to think about their mindset and to help them to become more motivated and more energised.

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“People are still suffering from their mental health on the back of the lockdown with a lack of self-confidence. This book aims to help people to take control of their mental health, their energy and to help them to improve their overall motivation.”

The book contains several chapters which Luke has described as “straight-talking” and “straight to the point” to enable people to quickly adapt their lifestyles by following the strategies and skills contained within it and to get them thinking about their mindset.

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He added: “I've made the book interactive with QR codes that will take people direct to links for example on the 7-daily habits checklist, or you tube videos of myself showing people how to cook a healthy meal. It's about getting people to think more about their mindset and to make those small changes to help improve their lives and ultimately their mental health.”

The book is available to order now by visiting or via