Sunderland Greyhound Stadium given new food hygiene rating by inspectors

Sunderland Greyhound Stadium has served up a winning performance in the food hygiene ratings.

Regal Sunderland Stadium Ltd has been handed a new four-out-of-five star food hygiene rating.

The restaurant at the stadium in Newcastle Road, East Boldon, was given the score after an assessment was carried out on March 3, the Food Standards Agency's website shows.

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It means that of the 192 restaurants, cafes and canteens in the South Tyneside borough council area that have been inspected, 122 (64%) have ratings of five and none have zero ratings.

The rating shows how well the business in question is doing overall and is based on the standards that are found at the time of the inspection.

A five-star rating is top of the scale and means “the hygiene standards are very good” and is fully compliant with the law on food standards, while a four-star rating means “hygiene standards are good.”

A three-star rating means hygiene standards are generally satisfactory, two-star that some improvement is necessary and a one-star rating means that major improvement is necessary.

A zero-star rating means urgent improvement is required.

Sunderland Greyhound Stadium has been awarded a four-star food hygiene rating

When carrying out a visit, the food hygiene officer will check how hygienically the food is handled, the physical condition of the business and how the business manages ways of keeping food safe to eat.

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Inspectors also look into the methods of how all the above is carried out as part of their evaluation when giving a food hygiene rating – with an assessment given on the findings.