FEELING GREAT: Inserting ‘bridges’ will let you get up and to start moving

"The easiest way to change how you feel is to just move.""The easiest way to change how you feel is to just move."
"The easiest way to change how you feel is to just move."
Remember last week when I wrote about the idea of not exercising? I told you about one of the problems people encounter when trying to get healthier is that they think they have to do an exercise programme of some sort, when that’s not the case.

Well, here’s a question to help you understand some more: “Have you ever gone for a walk or run and wished you hadn’t?”

Unless you tripped and fell, I doubt if the answer is yes! In fact, it’s very unlikely that you will ever regret doing something that involves being active.

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In fact, because of the feel-good chemicals that get released naturally from being active for just 20 minutes or more, it’s almost scientifically impossible to feel any other way than great.

To reinforce the message, and we speak about it a lot in the Paul Gough Physio Rooms, ask yourself this: “how many times have you sat on your couch and wished that you had gone for that brisk walk or nice jog, when the opportunity has gone and it’s too late?”

You can only change the way you feel about being active once you’re doing it. In essence, how you feel changes how you think.

The easiest way to change how you feel is to just move. Do something - anything! Get up and go, even though you think you don’t feel like doing it. Why? You’ll find it hard to think any positive thoughts about being active while you’re sat stationary. Your brain knows you’re sitting still and doing nothing and it’s too big a bridge too cross to get from a couch to a run or a walk. You’re giving it mixed signals.

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How can the decision-making part of your brain accept that you really want to suddenly get up and be active when you’re stretched out on the couch motionless?

It’s never going to happen, and it’s why so many people can’t beat the urge to sit on the couch for long periods of time.

They have no idea that it’s even happening, or how to stop it. All you have to do is insert some bridges to get you up and moving around – bridges between sitting on the couch and walking.

One of those bridges could be getting up and walking to the kitchen. When you do that, watch how much easier it is to decide about going for a walk or run now that your legs are moving!