Thank you to #TeamSTSFT

It’s been a time like no other – and for those offering care for patients across the NHS, the challenge continues.

A baby delivered during the pandemic.
A baby delivered during the pandemic.

South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust has seen a huge impact on its staff and services since the pandemic began and is proud to recognise the enormous contribution its work- force has made.

Teams working in the community and in the Trust’s hospitals have offered compassion to patients in their care whilst ensuring the highest possible standards of safety and quality at all times.

NHS workers at #TeamSTSFT have also had to face pressures on their own mental wellbeing and physical health throughout the pandemic.

Community nurses providing support to a patient.

The impact of shielding, COVID-19 isolation rules and the simple everyday logistics of things like managing childcare have all meant extra pressure on NHS staff.

Teams working across South Tyneside and Sunderland have responded with the utmost professionalism, being flexible with their working patterns and areas of work in order to put the needs of their patients first.

The Trust’s chief executive Ken Bremner said its community teams, hospital teams, support services and those in corporate functions should feel proud of what they have achieved under tough circumstances.

He said: “The commitment and dedication that I have seen from our staff has been nothing short of incredible and I want to personally thank them for their efforts.

COVID ward 1 being put to use during the pandemic.

“They have consistently gone above and beyond for our patients and their families and their genuine care and compassion is something that they will remember for years to come.”

In a thank you to staff, the Trust’s board wrote to each staff member to show their gratitude for their outstanding care, sharing a custom-made commemorative print, pin badge and window sticker which many staff now wear and display with pride.

Staff working at STSFT were also awarded an extra day’s annual leave and a £150 thank you payment for their efforts during COVID-19. The Trust has also launched a new psychological and emotional support service to help staff manage their mental health and wellbeing.

Ken added: “We are so very proud of how our teams have responded in the face of such challenging times. We cannot thank them enough for everything they have done.”

The COVID-19 Testing Team.