Legendary car designer offers free colouring sheets to ease kids’ boredom

With the country in lockdown and millions of children unable to attend school, parents could be finding it tough to keep their youngsters occupied.

Lots of educational sites are already offering their suggestions and resources and now one of the country’s most famous car designers has come up with another way to keep children entertained.

Ian Callum’s Callum Design studio - most famous for its Vanquish 25 “remastering” - has come up with a series of car-based colouring pages for youngsters - and their bored parents - to get creative with.

The images feature the studio’s Vanquish 25 in a variety of settings, including being washed by a particularly helpful elephant. You can download the full-size versions direct from Callum's website here.


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And while the sheets have been created for fun, there’s also a competitive element to the offer from Callum. Colourers are being encouraged to share their work using the #colourwithcallum hashtag on social media, with prizes for the best efforts.

Ian Callum is famous for designing a host of Jaguars, including the XF, XJ, F-Type, F-Pace and I-Pace as well as the original Aston Martin Vanquish.

Callum Design’s first major project has been the £550,000 Vanquish 25 featured in the colouring sheets. Using original Vanquish donor cars, the Callum cars make significant revisions, featuring many changes that Ian Callum has wanted to make since first launching the car.


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While its overall lines and proportions are unchanged there are a variety of changes, some subtle, some less so, with a reprofiled front end and generous application of carbon fibre and bespoke panels.

The disappointing interior has been torn up and completely redesigned to a modern specification with special tartan trim from Bridge of Weir leather. The chassis, too, has been reworked to offer a blend of sports car handling and GT comfort and the mighty V12 engine tinkered with and tuned to produce an extra 60bhp, taking its maximum output to 580bhp.