12 things you said about NUFC fan David's charity SAFC tattoo

The selfless actions of a caring uncle have touched thousands of hearts across Tyne and Wear.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 7th August 2016, 12:49 pm
Updated Sunday, 7th August 2016, 1:54 pm
The tattoo was all in aid of little Bradley.
The tattoo was all in aid of little Bradley.

Earlier this week we reported that NUFC fan David Stonebank got the badge of his footballing rivals, Sunderland AFC, tattooed on his leg to help 5-year-old nephew, Bradley.

The youngster, an avid Black Cats supporter, is battling neuroblastoma - and £700,000 is needed to fund his treatment in America.

The tattoo on David's leg.

David pledged to go through with the tattoo if he received at £1,000 in sponsorship. He added: "I would do anything to raise money for our little hero."

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Here's what you had to say about his new ink.

Tiffani Elizabeth Dipper: "This is what I love about Sunderland and Newcastle. We hate each other come Derby Days but always pull TOGETHER for good causes. RESPECT."

David got the tattoo to help fundraising for his nephew's treatment.

Mary Pinder: "We have great teams Sunderland, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool what difference does it make we all pull together when we have to. I'm a Newcastle fan but I love nothing better than to see Sunderland/Middlesbrough hammer the top teams."

Eddie Bell: "Good on you mate as a Sunderland supporter I have always wished the Magpies well, hope you run away with that league and get back straight away, it could have been us. All the best."

Graham Dunning: "Full respect to you. Rivalry is banter, family is what we live for. Hope the little man gets better."

Eddie Sanderson: "Brilliant. Now lets see both clubs, and the players, open their well-fed wallets to help this lad out."

The tattoo on David's leg.

David Walker: "True football fan well done mate respect."

June Humphries: "A true fan...good for you for what you have done. Let's hope the little lad gets through this awful time."

Lindsay Crookes: "Such an amazing gesture ...TRUE LOVE. There is more to life than rivalry ... FAMILY. Well done."

Jude Brown: "Name your charity! Deserves a donation! First ever NUFC fan I ave total respect for! Well done!"

David got the tattoo to help fundraising for his nephew's treatment.

Mick Hogg: "What a bloke. Total respect mate. Toon Toon!"

Ben Stevenson: "What a gesture hats off to him total respect, NUFC fan."

Viv Marley: "Life is more important well done you."