'Basically a pound shop to replace the pound shop' - mixed response as One Below opens South Shields branch

News that a new business is opening its doors in South Shields have been met with a mixed response.

By Ross Robertson
Monday, 25 February, 2019, 12:48
One Below

The new bargain shop, which will sell items for £1 or less, will stock 5,000 products, will open on Friday at 12pm.

Not all Gazette readers are happy, however, with a mixed reaction to the story on our Facebook page.

Heather Ditchburn Curry said: "So basically a pound shop , to replace a pound shop! Not much to get excited about really! Shame no quality shops can be tempted to come to Shields!"

Some readers focused more on the positives.

Annelise Hamilton said: "If you don't like pound shops then don't use 'em. Simple as that. I think it's great news."

Roy Page said: "Why are people mocking this? These kind of shops only help the poor within our society."

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Valerie Davidson said: "Jobs is the important factor here folks."

Andrew Nowlin said: "It’s jobs and an outlet being used. It’s got to be good."

Ste Caddy said to the One Below critics: "Would you prefer a Fortnum & Mason?"

Others remained unconvinced.

Madeline Oley said: "Another cheap shop in King Street.....so tacky in my opinion."

Paulette Mac Dingwall said: "It would be good to have one in Jarrow."

David Harris jumped on a running issue about a chain people would like to see open in South Shields

"That’s no good, should have put a Primark in there. They would have fitted at least 6,000 items in"