Man caused £1,500 damage after kicking and punching walls at supported housing complex

A South Tyneside man who smashed up his room in a supported housing complex has been warned to curb his temper by a court.

Borough magistrates told Lee Spencer, 25, who caused £1,500 of damage to Deneside Court, in St Joseph’s Way, Fellgate, Jarrow, to stop misbehaving. Spencer, who remains living at the centre, gave staff no explanation for his actions other than he had lost his cool.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson said Spencer, who pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage, lashed out on Thursday, May 26. He added: “For some reason, he has started damaging that room. Staff heard banging, clamouring and shouting coming from the room.

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“He was kicking and punching walls, causing a significant amount of damage. When interviewed, he said that he lost his temper. He said he didn’t know what caused him to lose his temper.

The case was heard at South Tyneside Magistrates Court.

“He admitted that it was wrong to damage property that doesn’t belong to him. He realises it was wrong to do it. There are some criminal damage matters on his record, but they are as a youth, so are spent. This is his first appearance in an adult court.”

Sophie Allinson, defending, said: It’s quite right to say he’s lost his temper, he had been in a stressful situation. He regards Deneside as his home, it is not just a room. It’s upsetting for him to come to court as an adult.”

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Magistrates made Spencer subject to an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £1,500 compensation to Deneside’s care company owner. There were no court costs. Gary Cracknell, chair of the bench, told Spencer he needed to learn to control his temper.