Wife attacked after affair exposed by text

A husband pushed his wife out of the house and hit her with a teapot after a loving text sent to her phone exposed her affair with her boss.
The case was heard at Newcastle Crown Court.The case was heard at Newcastle Crown Court.
The case was heard at Newcastle Crown Court.

Jason Hollywood stormed out of the house after he found out the truth of the affair and returned when his wife was packing a suitcase.

The victim suffered a fractured collarbone after the fall and said she is still "in fear" of her husband, a year after the attack last May.

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Hollywood, of Leighton Street, South Shields, admitted causing grievous bodily harm.

Judge Amanda Rippon sentenced him to a community order for 18 months with a five-year restraining order.The judge said: "You saw a text message land on her mobile phone, it declared a form of love which concerned you.

"You went to your wife and asked her why she was having such text messages sent. She told you, confessed finally, she was in a relationship and wanted to leave you.

"Your reaction, I dare say, was understandable but it was criminal.

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Prosecutor Jane Foley told the court Hollywood had been told by his wife she wanted to end their relationship, but they had agreed to "keep trying" and he knew nothing about her new man.

Miss Foley said: "He saw the text message and asked his wife why the sender was texting her.

"She told the defendant she had started having a relationship with him, her employer."

The court heard Hollywood became "very angry" and threatened to confront her boss before leaving the house, while his wife packed her bags.

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Miss Foley added: "After about ten minutes or so, he returned. She was in the hallway when he returned.

He immediately proceeded to take hold of his wife by the shoulders before forcibly pushing her out of the door.

"The force was such she fell to the ground. Although she did not know at the time, this caused her to fracture her collarbone.

"He then struck a glass teapot off her back, causing it to smash."

The court heard Hollywood has no history of violence, is a "hard-working man", has a new relationship and is "genuinely remorseful".