Future looks very bleak

After reading the comments by Emma Lewell-Buck, MP for South Shields, on February 11 regarding the transitional fund for local authorities, we in the North East know about the great divide between the North and South.

In her comments she used SSI Steel Works in Redcar as an example. Everyone who has worked in heavy industry knows this is a disaster for the North East.

What I would like to ask her is, you see the coverage of this plant on the news regularly and in the papers, and see the MPs for that area fighting for them and asking questions as to why this has happened.

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I worked at OGN until November 2015 when this company closed.

However, where was the fight from our MPs , such as yourself and Stephen Hepburn, along with others from the north of the Tyne?

As contracts for the North Sea were awarded to yards abroard, why was there no fight or publicity by our MPs on this?

OGN was the last of the oil and gas building yards on the Tyne.

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It looks very bleak for the workforce in this area so where is the help for us that we see other places getting regularly in the papers and on TV?

I have to say that it seems to me that the Government only wants to keep the South and Scotland happy and we do not see much fight for our area.

I wonder how many people in the North East feel the same way I do?

Kevin Gibson,

South Shields