Great North Run medal sellers come under fire

Gazette readers have joined the condemnation of a trade in Great North Run medals and T-shirts.

Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 9:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 9:20 am
Some runners have put their Great North Run medals and T-shirts up for sale.

Last week the gazette revealed the memorabilia is being put up for sale on internet auction websites – with race organisers pleading for the practice to stop.

Some sellers are even throwing in snacks which were included in goody bags handed out after the race, and wristbands which were used on the Metro on race day.

The Great North Run

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A spokesman for the Great North Run said: “It’s very disappointing to hear that hard-earned Great North Run medals and T-shirts are being sold on eBay.

“Unfortunately there isn’t a way for us to stop the sales, but we strongly discourage it.”

Most Gazette readers agree with that sentiment and have taken to out Facebook page to say so.

Graham Slesser wrote: “Some people would flog their grannies!”

The Great North Run

Lew Hess added: “The only people that would buy them are lazy sad people that would claim they were in it.”

Alison Maynard said: “Let’s hope the sellers of the medals and T-shirts are going to donate the cash to charity.”

Richard Waugh added: “What a disgrace.”

Paul Kelly was a little more sypathetic.

He wrote: “Personally I wouldn’t sell mine. But for what you pay to enter, I don’t blame people for wanting to make some money back.”

Gemma Peterson added: “I personally wouldn’t sell my medals because they are my mementoes of completing the race, but, like the article says, why would anyone want to buy them who didn’t run the race? Weird!”