Instant karma for drunk yob who hurled racist abuse on Metro

A booze-fuelled yob who hurled vile racist abuse at fellow Metro passengers was stopped in his tracks by an off-duty police officer.

Richard Hall had sank a bottle of vodka after being told he had lost his job before he confronted the three African men and told them to ‘go back to where they came from’.

The 30-year-old’s drunken behaviour was spotted by an off-duty inspector who stepped in to halt the angry confrontation before calling for help from fellow officers at Northumbria Police.

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THe Metro menace was taken off the carriage and arrested at Fellgate Metro Station.

He admitted a charge of using threatening, abuse or insulting words or behaviour that were racially aggravated when he appeared in the dock at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting, said: “On March 18, an off-duty police inspector was on the Tyne and Wear Metro when his attention was drawn to Hall, who had slurred speech, was unsteady on his feet and was showing signs of being drunk.

“Hall approached three African males and said to them ‘what are you doing in my country, go back to where you came from.

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“The officer stepped in between the passengers and Hall and told him his language was inappropriate.

“Police were called and Hall was arrested.”

Christopher Brown, defending, said Hall was ‘not proud of his actions - which were heavily influenced by alcohol.

Mr Brown said; “He is not proud of his actions. He has friends and acquaintances of many different ethnic origins and religious backgrounds.

“He can’t understand how he behaved in this way.

“He had drank a bottle of vodka.

“He was, in a sense, senseless

“He resorted to alcohol in a moment of stress after losing his job.

“He offers his abject apologies and sincere remorse.”

Hall, of Larkfield Road, Sunderland, was fined £80 and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £50 and a £20 victim surcharge.