Businessman attacked by knife-wielding burglars fears he would have been killed if he didn't have what the 'villains' wanted

A 70-year-old businessman fears he would have been killed had he not had £20,000 in the house to give to burglars who tricked their way into his home and threatened to chop off his hands.

Businessman Michael Blake who was attacked in his Penshaw home.
Businessman Michael Blake who was attacked in his Penshaw home.

Michael Blake, who ran in a furniture business in South Shields for four decades before it moved to Wallsend, was approached outside his house by a man in a fluorescent jacket and asked to take delivery of a parcel for a neighbour.

During the terrifying ordeal, the businessman was hit in the face with the handle of the weapon, which had a 14-inch blade, before the raiders, who threatened to chop off his hands, left with almost £20,000 in cash as well as high value vintage watches.

Mr Blake fear he would have been killed if he didn't have the money in the house.

Mr Blake recalls blood pouring down his face as the men, he describes as being ‘utterly evil villains’, demanded to know where his money was.

Speaking to the Echo after the horrifying burglary, Mr Blake said: “No amount of money is worth losing a life over. If I hadn’t have had that money it would have been very different. They would have killed me. They weren’t leaving without that money.

“They were prepared to kill me and they would have done.

“If I didn’t have that money in the house, this would be a murder investigation now.”


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He added: “I have been here for 20-odd years. I’ve contemplated moving. You don’t feel like you can he happy in a building where this has happened.

“Them rotten b******* have soiled my house.“It’s a dreadful thing, it degrades your life. I’ll have to live with this until the day I die.”

Ian Skivington, 51, of Thornhill Road, Ponteland, and Lee Donald, 39, of Rowantree Road, Newcastle, both admitted aggravated burglary and were each jailed for seven years and eight months.

Thomas Clayton, 38, of Laburnum House, Wallsend, admitted handling stolen goods and was jailed for four months.