Good Samaritan comes forward after Great North Run training accident left South Shields runner 'covered in blood'

A Good Samaritan who rescued an injured runner who was covered in blood as said ‘I would have done it for anyone’ after coming forward.

Daisy Hawkins, 20, was out on a bike ride at The Leas when she spotted Eamonn Gribben lying in the path.

He had taken a heavy fall on his latest Great North Run training jog and was bleeding heavily from a head wound, as well as having a number of other injuries.

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But Daisy, also from South Shields, came to his rescue and stayed with him until he could walk and she could get him to safety.

Daisy Hawkins who came to the rescue of injured runner Eamonn Gribben.

Today, as she spoke for the first time about the incident, she said: “It’s just the way I have been brought up by my mam.”

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Eamonn, who is the licence holder for seven nurseries across South Tyneside and Wearside, suffered suspected concussion and lost lots of blood on his last Great North Run training jog.

He was 7k into his run when he fell at The Leas at around 11.30am on Thursday. He can barely remember what happened other than his very own ‘amazing’ hero came to his aid.

South Shields heroine Daisy Hawkins.

He told the Gazette last week: “I want to say thank you. She was amazing. It could have been a lot worse if she hadn’t.”

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Daisy spotted the Gazette’s coverage and got in touch to tell us: “I saw someone on the ground and thought ‘that is not normal’. I asked him if he was okay and he looked at me. His head was pouring with blood.

"I said ‘we can it here as long as you want to get yourself back round again’.”

Eventually, he was well enough to walk and Daisy led him back to the main road. In the meantime, she phoned one of his friends to meet them.

Daisy Hawkins has described the day she helped Eamonn Gribben.
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Within 20 minutes, he had been led to safety by Daisy who had given him water as well as much-needed help.

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Eamonn, who still planned to do the Great North Run despite injuries to both hands, both knees, his head and shoulders, said last week: “All I remember is that it was misty and I must have hit something and fallen forward and hit my head. The next thing I know, I was lying on the grass.”

Eamonn, who runs nurseries including Harton Village Kindergarten, added: “I didn’t know where I was or how long I had been there but she was an amazing young woman who stayed with me until I could talk again. She helped me on to my feet and walked me over the fields.”

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Eamonn Gribben with the wounds he suffered on a training run.

But modest Daisy, who hails originally from Hereford and moved to South Tyneside with her family six years ago, said: “I think this is what I would do for anyone.”

As well as the praise from Eamonn, there is more good news for Daisy. She is due to start a new job in two weeks’ time.

Eamonn Gribben.