Love for its coast and friendly folk - but calls are loud in urging action on South Shields' town centre

Sanddancers born, bred and borrowed have shouted about how much they love South Shields.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 21 June, 2019, 05:00
Readers have said how much they love spending time out and about in South Shields as plans to make it a better place to live and visit were announced.

As the council look at plans to make improvements to make the area a better place to visit and live in, readers have called for action on its rundown high street.

Readers voiced how much South Shields has going for it and the warmth of its people, including many who have moved from elsewhere in the UK.

The landscapes of South Shields, such as Cleadon Hills, have been mentioned as what makes it a good place to live already.

But they agree something must be done about King Street and the wider town centre, with recognition it is not just South Shields suffering.

Claire Braid, who moved back to South Shields after living in York, said: “I love living here, there's always loads going on, sea front and coastline is beautiful and we have some good places to eat and drink these days.

“What South Shields does need is an injection of positivity by the people who live here instead of doing the place down all the time.”

Paul Fletch, who moved to the area from Devon three years ago, said: “Several friends have come for a visit since, all have said how fantastic it is, beautiful beaches, parks, countryside, excellent transport links – compared with Devon – a city nearby, airport nearby, countless places to go and eat.

People have said South Shields is a great place to bring up children as there is lots to do for youngsters.

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“There is community and family feel, I consider it home.

“As for the town centre, it’s the same as any town these days.”

Craig Stephenson said: “I love my hometown dearly, but like a lot of people say, the coast is very nice, but sadly, the town centre is shocking.”

Laura Robinson said the town was a great place to bring up children, with loads to do, friendly people and a “fantastic community spirit.”

The need for action on King Street, which has been left with a number of empty shops, has been highlighted by residents.

She added: “Okay, the town centre has its issues but they’re no different to any other comparable town centre - the high street is broken because of the way we all shop - town centres need to evolve.

“I’m really proud to live here. Love South Shields.”

The demise of King Street has left the town looking rundown, according to readers.