Majority of Gazette readers think Christmas Day lunch at restaurants and pubs is too expensive

The majority of readers who voted in our recent poll believe that restaurants and pubs charge too much for lunch on Christmas Day but most understand why.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 7:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 4:57 pm
Readers have had their say on the price of Christmas lunch. Photo: Subbotina Anna

Some choose to eat in while others choose to eat out on Christmas Day but most Gazette readers think restaurants and pubs charge too much.

Many have called for eateries to be closed on Christmas Day so that the workers can enjoy time with their family and friends.

On Monday, December 9, in our daily Facebook poll, we asked you: “Do you think restaurants and pubs charge too much for lunch on Christmas Day?”

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Out of over 2,000 readers who voted, 76% said yes while only 24% disagreed.

George Hyde said: “It's a tricky one really. Whilst I think it's a bit too expensive, someone is working on Christmas day to satisfy your needs, so I can see why they do charge a lot.”

Phillip Gripton argued: “No one should work on Christmas day. Christmas is for family. Pubs, restaurants and shops all should be closed. Feel sorry for the emergency services and hospitals.”

Danielle Ivory said: “Just think of all the staff working on xmas day to provide people with a service and Christmas dinner. They are missing time with their families to provide you the convenience of not having to do the work and to just enjoy Christmas. I don't think the price is that bad.”

Carole-Louise McLaughlin added: “If you are going to go out on Christmas day forcing someone to work then you should pay a premium for that. Don't want to pay it, then cook dinner yourself and let people who work in a non-emergency service role spend the day with their family.”

Rachael Frater argued: “I think it's fair to charge more on xmas day if the staff are getting paid more to give up their day to make yours special.”

Heather Pinky Kyle said: “I understand they have to pay staff and obviously the cost of meals but the prices some are charging is ridiculous!”