Gazette readers say election pacts don't affect who people vote for

Readers have had their say on whether pacts affect who you vote for in elections and the majority have claimed they don’t.
Readers have had their say on election pacts.Readers have had their say on election pacts.
Readers have had their say on election pacts.

On Tuesday, November 12, in a social media poll we asked you: “Do election pacts make a difference to who people vote for?” and asked you to share your opinions in the comments.

An election pact is when a party or candidate reaches an agreement not to stand a candidate in a seat to give others a chance of winning it.

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They have been happening among both pro and anti-Brexit lines in the UK but the majority readers have claimed that won’t affect who people vote for.

Out of the 451 readers who voted, 64% voted ‘no’ while 36% voted ‘yes.’

This is what you had to say.

Many readers headed to the comments to share who they would vote for.

Anne Shepherd said: “Depends on who.”

Tee McEvoy added: “Our votes don’t count apparently so why ask us?”

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Elsewhere, readers shared their thoughts on why it does affect who the public vote for.

John Palmer said: “Daft poll really. If you normally vote for a party that doesn’t field a candidate then of course it changes your normal choice.”

Robert Rain added: “It's a cheap way of manipulating votes and shouldn't be allowed.”

David Williams agreed: “Dirty tricks at work trying to manipulate the voting laws. Shouldn't allow it. Even playing field is all we ask.”

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