What Jarrow's General Election 2019 candidates promise to do for you

We asked all of Jarrow’s General Election 2019 candidates to outline why voters should choose them on December 12.

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 9:56 am

All of them were asked to submit a photograph, a written article and a short video. If they do not appear here it is because we have not received them.

Mark Anthony Conway (Social Democrats)

South Tyneside has had funding cuts in every department, in an area where there was already social injustice, the outcomes have been exacerbated.

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Eight candidates are standing in the Jarrow constituency in the 2019 General Election.

I will lobby hard for these funding cuts to not only be reversed, but to have additional increases so that the people of the Jarrow constituency can start to close the gap towards the national average and secure better education, financial and health outcomes.

The rollout of Universal Credit has caused unnecessary levels of suffering in the constituency with claimants waiting weeks for an initial payment and suffering punitive sanctions, pushing claimants into debt and arrears, raising further the need for foodbanks and worst of all causing an increase of in work and child poverty.

At a time when the country is facing a mental health crisis, the funding has been slashed. I will lobby hard for this funding to be dramatically increased to the point where all who need access to mental health services shall have it.

I will lobby the government to build more social housing to meet the needs of an ageing population. People are trapped over sized properties that are ill equipped for their needs, whilst families struggle to find suitable accommodation to keep them together.

Social Democrats candidate Mark Anthony Conway.

Having lived within the current constituency boundary of Jarrow most of my life I have a good understanding of the issues of the local area and what matters to the constituents. I have the tenacity required to fight for everything the constituency needs.

James Milne (Greens)

I’m really honoured that South Tyneside Greens have asked me to be your Green Party candidate in this election.

A vote for me is a vote for the whole of our hard-working Green team.

Green Party candidate James Milne.

We've been holding the council to account for years and especially since the election of Coun David Francis back in May.

Since then, we’ve pushed the Council to take decisive action on the climate and environmental crisis we’re facing – to minimise the damage we’re doing, and to protect our homes and families from the future consequences of that damage.

Our communities are full of people with the manufacturing and engineering experience we need to build a fairer, greener society.

The Green Party has the policies to provide good jobs here, that’ll put food on the table, and also give people pride in work that helps improve society and protect the environment we all rely on.

Brexit Party candidate Richard Leslie Monaghan.

We want to invest in the North East and in all our futures.

I’ve worked for South Tyneside Council, so I know first-hand how austerity and outsourcing of council systems to the private sector have affected the ability of council workers to serve the community.

For too long, communities in South Tyneside have been neglected. The Green Party are working hard all year round to change that, and to be a strong voice for everyone in the borough, but we need your help to do it. If you want change, please vote for it on Thursday, December 12.

Richard Leslie Monaghan (Brexit Party)

The Brexit Party was born out of a failure of our politicians in Westminster to respect the vote of the people.

Just a few weeks later we swept to success in the European elections, becoming the largest party in the European Parliament.

Conservative candidate Nick Oliver.

I stood for the North East in those elections, when we polled more than double the vote of the nearest party.

You’ve voted Brexit Party before, now we need you to do it again.

Why? Because our political elite, as they see themselves, have lost touch with the people. Because the North East has been ignored and left behind in terms of investment, jobs, opportunity.

Years as a Labour “heartland” haven’t shown much “heart”. We don’t need a marxist state. We need change – but who? The Tories? Not in Jarrow!.

If the region is to benefit from the opportunities that come from leaving the EU you need a representative that believes in the region, with the experience to deliver the investment that the region has been starved of.

I believe over a decade of a “local” Labour MP has done nothing to help the area.

I was born in Hackney, East London, one of the most deprived areas in London at the time. In those days Labour represented the working class, but no more.

The Labour party is now Hampstead & Islington, not Hebburn & Jarrow.

I lived & studied in Sunderland, worked for years as a chartered accountant, advising businesses worldwide, and I’m ready to bring that expertise to help revitalise Jarrow. If you want an MP that respects your vote, vote Brexit Party.

See you in Jarrow.

Nick Oliver (Conservative)

I’m Nick Oliver and I’m hoping to be your first Conservative MP in the Jarrow Constituency for 84 years.

Almost everybody I speak to is dismayed with the national deadlock and I’m the only candidate who can Get Brexit Done so that we can get on with the domestic agenda of investing in schools, the health service and police.

Locally I will focus on 1. A Jobs4Jarrow Plan – supporting Port of Tyne in their bid for Free Port status, establishing a Jarrow Jobs Commission with business leaders and a Jarrow Jobs Fair.

2. Protecting services at South Tyneside Hospital and other important public services.

3. Saving the greenbelt and regenerating our town centres.

My career has been in business and enterprise including 3 years in a shipyard. My wife and I are from the North East and have brought up our five children here.

My parents are from another great North East ship building town of Hartlepool. My grandfather was a labourer who encouraged my dad to do an apprenticeship, become an engineer and work in the oil industry. They are where my conservative values come from.

Labour has taken Jarrow for granted for too long and despite the strenuous objections of sensible Labour MPs and most local Labour councillors Corbyn and McCluskey have forced their Momentum candidate on the constituency.

Please vote for my positive plan for the Jarrow Constituency and I will be a strong voice in a Conservative Government that Gets Brexit Done and delivers for Jarrow.

Kate Osborne (Labour)

As a community activist and local councillor, I understand the issues the people of Jarrow Constituency face due to the cuts in public services, the negative impacts of Universal Credit, and the need for new well-paying jobs.

As a trade unionist and postal worker, I have campaigned and won better pay, terms and conditions for thousands of workers.

Now I want to represent you in Westminster.Our NHS is creaking at the seams and is only held together by the incredible staff.

Our local schools are massively underfunded and are on the frontline of a child poverty epidemic.

Many pensioners are living in poverty, the Tories are threatening to remove their TV licences and some are even suggesting raising the pension age to 75.Only a radical Labour Government committed to ending the years of Tory austerity and neglect can repair the damage to our communities and bring the country back together.

As a community, we are perfectly placed to play a leading role in the green industrial revolution in creating jobs whilst tackling the climate crisis.

Faced with the external pressures of the internet and out of town shopping, our high streets have suffered greatly. We need to see radical action to rethink and revitalise these key community hubs.I am proud of the role that our movement has played in this part of the world.

Miners, shipbuilders and other workers built the key institutions that we now take for granted. People in Jarrow need to know that there is a vision of a better future for themselves and their children; to make this vision a reality - Vote Labour on December 12.

John Robertson (Independent)

I am a local lad who would be proud to represent the area in Parliament as your MP.

Since becoming a local independent councillor for Fellgate Hedworth and Calf close in May, I have enjoyed assisting and helping residents to get what they are entitled to, also during my time as a councillor I have fought to have St Clare's hospice reopened and also raised issues in the council chamber on behalf of the Save Our Hospital campaign.

As your MP I will strive to ensure that I represent you strongly to South Tyneside Council and in Parliament.

If I am voted in I will base my constituency office inside Jarrow Town Hall which will be accessible to the public five days a week and myself or my staff will be available to you.

I will also arrange surgeries around the constituency for those residents who find it difficult to visit my office.

In extreme circumstances home visits can be arranged.

The 2 previous MPs have lived in Jarrow over the past 49 years and I believe that the Jarrow MP should live in Jarrow.

For the record I voted for Brexit and Brexit means EXIT.

I would like to ask you to consider voting for me as your next MP for the Jarrow constituency.

Shaun Sadler (Independent)

I hope you would agree with me that this General Election and who you vote for will affect our constituency for generations to come.

I have lived and worked in Jarrow for over 49 years running UTS Engineering and other business interests I have within Jarrow.

We have all witnessed first-hand or directly experienced the struggles and issues within our area.

With the average salary within the constituency being £26,000 and the basic MP’s salary at around three times that at £79,000, if elected, I will not take my salary, instead donating 50% to local charities and 50% to grass root sport and clubs.

From the closure of palliative care and hospice services at St Clare’s in Jarrow, anti-social behaviour, the danger of losing green belt area and the general lack of opportunity for all ages, if elected as your MP, I will deliver on what’s needed in our area.

This is our opportunity not just to offer change but to deliver for the people in the Jarrow constituency.

I have chosen to stand as an Independent as this is the only way I can freely and unreservedly speak for the constituency of Jarrow.

I am not bound to any party. My only stance will be what is best for the population of the area.

The pledges I have published will allow opportunity for our area and can deliver overall positive results. I would ask you to please vote for me so I can deliver what is needed for all.

David Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats)

My name is David Wilkinson and I am the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Jarrow Constituency.

I was born and lived mainly my whole life in Jarrow. I am currently the director of a local business.

For me, the over riding problems in the entire North-East region, but particularly in South Tyneside, is that we have been starved of funds over the decades.

This is why the hospital at South Tyneside is in such dire need, the schools are fund deprived and the transport network old and defunct.

Services are cut back to frightening levels, hardly basics, leaving zero funds left for anything else beyond borrowing.

I will fight tooth and nail as your MP to re-instate the necessary funds from central government to the borough.

Without sufficient funding we will constantly face a situation where we will always be almost optionless before the year even starts.

2019/20’s South Tyneside net spend is £439.1 million. Income is £314.8 million. Spot the problem!

Following on from this, I can only see it as a plus to the region that we get on board with regional devolution, to bring the decision making process here where we can better understand our own regional needs.

First and foremost though we need to protect this from future Tory governments and this means changing our Electoral System at Westminister.

The two-party system is broken, proof of which has been these last four years.

Only the Liberal Democrats can do this. PR is not on the Labour manifesto. Let's get the means to invest and safeguard our region.

Vote LASTING change: Vote Liberal Democrat.

Labour candidate Kate Osborne.
Independent candidate John Robertson.
Shaun William Sadler.
Liberal Democrats candidate David Wilkinson.