Roof repairs leave Hebburn OAP feeling the cold

A fed-up Hebburn pensioner has hit the roof, saying he has endured over 14 months of housing '˜hell'.
Bernard Hutton is fed up with his living conditions.Bernard Hutton is fed up with his living conditions.
Bernard Hutton is fed up with his living conditions.

Bernard Hutton, 73, has been at loggerheads with council chiefs since moving into a new home in William Street, Hebburn, after a leaking roof left him at the mercy of the elements.

Council chiefs say they will discuss the issue with him this week.

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Mr Hutton was moved into the property by South Tyneside Homes after his previous home, at Westmorland Court flats in the town, was flattened.

But he says he has had nothing but trouble since - and has yet to even sleep in his own bed due to the cold conditions.

Mr Hutton said: “It has been hell for me for the last 14 months.

“The roof had to be replaced, as water was pouring in.

“The council came to repair the roof and put in a new skylight last month, but they have left a gap, which means there is a big draft.

“It is terrible every time it blows a gale.

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“There is no insulation. It is freezing. I have to sleep on a chair and wear a Russian hat in the house. I have had enough of it.

“It is still damp and I have had to spend £200 on gas bottles to stay warm. It is like a fridge.”

A South Tyneside Homes spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issues raised by Mr Hutton.

“Earlier this year, a full roof replacement was carried out at the property, and as a result there are some internal works to be completed.

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“Officers from South Tyneside Homes will be visiting Mr Hutton this week to discuss this further and to make arrangements for the remedial works to be carried out as soon as possible.”