South Shields couple looking to make a healthy profit from superfoods

A South Shields university graduate has turned her special diet into a business.

Charlotte Bailey and Sean Ali.
Charlotte Bailey and Sean Ali.

Charlotte Bailey has coeliac disease, an autoimmune condition in which the small intestine becomes inflamed and can struggle to absorb nutrients.

Her condition means she is unable to eat any food containing gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

Charlotte, 21, struggled with regular illness as a result of the disease while studying for her law degree until boyfriend Sean Ali, 25, steered her away from processed gluten-free meals and introducing her to easy and healthy alternatives made from scratch.

The couple have launched their own e-commerce health foods business, Super U, selling three different superfood products carefully designed to boost health, wellbeing and nutrition alongside a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Charlotte explained her condition had presented problems with her studies.

“Coeliac disease means my immune system isn’t the best and I was constantly falling ill at university which was difficult to deal with,” said Charlotte.

“Sean spent time studying in America as part of his business degree and noticed how popular superfoods were becoming because of their health benefits.

“We wanted to create a brand that can help make people like me feel happy and healthy again.”

“We saw a gap in the market, as powdered superfood ingredients can be expensive; so by creating a unique blend of superfoods to add to your meal, it would be much more cost and time effective.” Sean said.

The superfood products Berry Beauty, Clean Greens and Muscle Protein, are all organic, vegan and naturally gluten free.

Charlotte and Sean began developing the business concept during their final year at university.

They successfully launched Super U in November of 2017 and have been trading since through their website pair also identified an opportunity to introduce the use of more sustainable and recycled products within the health foods market and have sourced and recycled unwanted coconut shells and coconut palm wood, to create reusable bowls and spoons, which have proved so popular they are planning to expand their range.

They will be exhibiting at the North East Vegan Festival on May 5 and Newcastle Vegan Festival on July 1.