Too busy to help you out

With reference to Mr Gerard Blake's letter on January 22, I would like it to be made clear that I (as a pensioner) am deeply offended by what I deem are simply ignorant and uneducated remarks.

Along with many friends and relatives, we have worked all of our lives paying into the system. This entitles us to a state pension and all this will apply to your good self in time.

Mr Blake, I would also like to point out I simply do not have the time to clear streets of the white stuff, so you can arrive at work on time. This is due to the fact I am employed and still contributing to the system. When I do have spare time I occupy it with very busy voluntary commitments.

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So I hope you can understand, Mr Blake, the next time we have a flurry of the white stuff why I, as a 70-year old-pensioner won’t be there to help clear it up so you can be on your way to work.

Disgruntled pensioner