South Shields weather forecast: Town is set for a blustery start to the week

South Shields is braced for a dull and windy day on Monday, January 6.
South Shields is set for a windy couple of daysSouth Shields is set for a windy couple of days
South Shields is set for a windy couple of days

What will the weather be like in South Shields on Monday morning?

The morning will be overcast, with strong southwesterly winds and temperatures around 8C.

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What about the afternoon?

Monday afternoon will see more cloud cover, with a fair chance of rain around teatime and temperatures steady at 8C.

What will the weather be like throughout the evening and night in South Shields?

Early evening will see the cloud cover pass away and it will be a clear night. The lack of cloud cover will see temperatures drop to a maximum of around 5C overnight.

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What will the weather be like on Tuesday, January 7?

Tuesday will be cloudy, with a good chance of heavy rain around lunchtime, while the evening will be clear and windy, with temperatures climbing as high as 13C.

What is the long-term forecast for the North East?

The Met Office says Wednesday will be windy but mostly dry with some sunny spells. Thursday will probably be cloudy, with further spells of rain likely.

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The national forecast for Friday, January 10, to Sunday, January 19, says: “ It will turn drier and brighter for a time across the UK at the start of this period, but further ahead the southeast should see the best of any settled conditions.

“Rain is possible for the south, but likely to be short lived in comparison to the north. Away from the northwest, patchy frost and fog may develop overnight and be slow to clear.”