Weekend weather: Warm and dry for the North East as school holidays begin, but sunshine in short supply

The North East is set for another warm weekend, but is unlikely to see anything near the temperatures brought by the heatwave earlier in the week.

According to the Met Office, Saturday (July 23) is expected to be a cloudy one for much of the region, with the heat peaking at about 21°C.

But it is also expected to remain mild into the evening at about 18°C.

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And while the predicted lack of sunshine might be a disappointment for some as the schools finish for the six-week summer holiday, the national forecaster is still urging the public to be careful, with Medium ratings for UV and pollen levels meaning those with fair skin or hay fever are advised to take suitable precautions.

The weather for the week ahead looks to be largely dry and warm, but cloudy.
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It is set to be a similar situation on Sunday (July 24) for the North East, with cloud dominating once again, although temperatures will be slightly warmer, peaking at about 22°C in Tyne and Wear and 23°C further south in Hartlepool.

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But it is also predicted to be cooler into the evening, falling to about 16°C.

It will be a far cry from the heatwave which hit the UK early in the week, when the mercury soared above 40°C in many areas.

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